One Week

My husband and I look at each other every day since getting word of the house, we smile and say “homeowner”. We are beyond excited.  We’ve moved onto a new stage of this journey: logistics. How should this room look? How should we set up this place? What about my office area? When should we do this project? Do we rent a truck or borrow one?
This weekend the packing and cleaning starts. Everything is becoming more real now. My weekend and week will be about boxes and shopping. There’s a lot to do in a week, and I hope I can get most of it done. There’s no real rush to be done in a week, because we still have abestos tiles to pull up and paint to dry and air out fumes. Plus, the internet won’t be in for another week so I can’t really work there until then.
I just want the keys, I want to sign the paperwork and lay down on our lawn or our floor and just take a moment to take all of this in. It’s ours. I want to stand at our windows and look around. I want to take a run in the new area and get user to my surroundings. My anxiety has turned into complete excitement. I can’t wait to see it when we’re done and officially moved in.
There is nothing more adult feeling than knowing you own a house. In January when I turned 30, I didn’t think that I would be where we are now. I felt like a failure in following my dreams of writing. I thought we would never get a home. Now, my writing career seems to be doing well for someone really starting to break into the field. And now next week we get the keys to our home. Turning 30 turned out to be the best thing to have happened to me. This upcoming adventure will be on my top 5 “best things to happen to me” list.

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