The title speaks for itself. After all that stress and anxiety, we were given the exciting news that we were going to be homeowners. We survived. We did it. (More on the interesting way we found out.) We set up schedules for our utilities, so now we just have to get everything set to move in and get on with the fun/misery that comes with home ownership.
After blogging on Monday, I continued on a hot streak by getting more work done. My husband called, but I missed it. Apparently our underwriter sent us an email from the loan site and he couldn’t log on since I had the passwords. I quickly looked through, dismissed it as boring appraisal forms and decided to print it out and read later.
Later came and I printed out all 33 pages. I sleepily looked through it until at the end I noticed another letter head. Confused, I read that it was an approval letter for our mortgage. I found it odd that no one called us. Maybe it was a mistake. So I called my husband back to let him know the possible good news. He agreed to call the mortgage broker to make sure that everything really was set.
It turns out the email service was faster than our mortgage broker because she had called him shortly after to inform him that after all our worrying, everything worked out. The realtor called soon after to share with us the next steps. Next we had to transfer names onto the electric company, because that way we avoid connection fees. We had to get our gas set up, and they provided us with a “new home buyers” program where they did the leg work and helped us set up cable and ADT, as well as sending us coupons for Home Depot. They officially win as “best company”.
Our realtor also suggested we get in there to get measurements so we could get furniture and appliances delivered asap so they were in when we needed, as well as discussed the day before closing walk through, then the actual closing. This is really happening.
Everything paid off in the end. We get our dreams that we worked hard for. We survived with our marriage intact, are sanity still there, and huge smiles on our faces. Next Friday, the keys will be ours and the “fun” begins. Now, the next chapter is the packing.

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