It Was So Close and I Lost

It’s another day in this continuing saga of the house hunt. Each day that passes, I feel the pressure of finding “the one” in the given deadline of the start of next school year. I find that I’m getting hopeless as each day passes. It would be easier if we settled for less than ideal locations, they have an abundance of houses in our price range. However, both suffer from failing school systems and land in the Top 100 most dangerous cities in America. This makes them automatic no go’s for our family. Ideally, we’d like to remain in our current city but the choices are dwindling.

We saw a house on Wednesday that was, in our estimates, the perfect starter home. The yard was huge, so it was perfect for the ability to expand the house as we grew if the need arose. The house was perfectly move in ready and required nothing but some paint. We did end up putting an offer on it for $10 grand less than the asking. Needless to say we were outbid, and back at square one. What are we going to do now? I’m lost and angry and feeling completely depressed and hopeless.

Now we only have a few places in our current city left before we start looking elsewhere. I was hoping that if I couldn’t  get a place in the same middle school district, that I could at least keep my oldest son in the city so he could play on his same baseball team with his friends and not completely uproot him to a strange place. What’s the point in moving for his best interest if I can’t keep him where he’s happy with his friends? I think that’s the worst part of this.

I’m trying to hold out hope that this will work out, but I don’t share my husband’s optimism. I’m a realist and I’m accepting that we will have to uproot our family and take them to a different city that we’re not used to and completely lost in. I’m trying my best to be hopeful. This process is infinitely more stressful than anticipated. With all the factors that are combined, I want to crawl in a hole and have someone just pick it and I can get on with my life. I’m done. It’s only really been a week and I’m so completely done and over this.

One thought on “It Was So Close and I Lost

  1. I’m in the same boat…affordable/nice house or safe neighborhood and good schools….why do they seem to be mutually exclusive! Especially the affordable part!?


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