What is “News”?

In reading through the news for something that would inspire a post, I stopped. It started with a nice story of a child who died of cancer and received a full police funeral, usually only reserved for people who had served on the police force. It was a nice story, and I left it alone. There was nothing to say about that story other that very positive things that had already been said. Then I read over the “headlines” on the Google news feed, and I see this: “New York City”, “Detroit”, “Maui”. Okay, obvious news stories there.

Then I see “Chimpanzees”. Okay, I’m interested Google. I will read this for article. My husband loves watching shoes with chimpanzees and anything else monkey, so we’ll see what this says. “NY Lawsuit seeks ‘Personhood’ for Chimpanzee”. I lied, I won’t read that article, that is ridiculous. My dogs act like people sometimes and I would never consider them anything but dogs that eat their own poop and spend all day sleeping and licking themselves. At the end of the day, a chimpanzee is still an ugly hairy chimpanzee that throws poop. That headline was a waste of time.

But then, at the bottom of the list I see: “Kim Kardashian” and “Tom Daley”. I didn’t even bother reading about the Kardashian because I figure slowly people will stop caring and she will fade into an oblivion that is the tape she was in that started this insanity with her. The “Tom Daley” category sounded interesting, he’s an Olympic guy so what happened? Did he hurt himself? Did he also die in some freak accident related to what he’s most famous for? Ooooh, maybe he’s a new guy to see in those Subway commercials? You might have redeemed yourself, Google. I appreciate this. I read it with anticipation, this was going to be interested at least. Right? I’m on this. “Tom Daley is dating a man”. Officially disappointed in you, Google. You were better than this… weren’t you?

The point? What is “news”? Is a famous person coming out of the closet news? No, I don’t think so. It’s great for younger people who need someone to look up to that they can relate to so they know that it is okay to be out and proud of who they are. But this isn’t news. I think that all people are people, and I don’t care if they are gay or straight and it isn’t my business whether or not they are. And anything Kardashian related is also new. I get peed on too (Hazards of baby boys), but you don’t see me milking it for an obscene amount of money. Though, she has inspired me that maybe I should. Where the discussions of injustices happening? I care more about Government reform, the budget, why politicians are more concerned about party lines than the people that put them into office. These things should be in the news. When the Supreme Court listens to the Hobby Lobby case, I want full coverage on that. These are things I think are news. Maybe I am old fashioned, also every time I walk by Hobby Lobby I can’t bring myself to go in. A.C. Moore for life here… plus I don’t like the idea of a craft store that only wants to cater to one type of people. I want news. I want unbiased, old school journalism news where we don’t care that Michelle Obama wears clothes from Target. I don’t mind reading the fluff stuff, but I want some substance too. Just because I enjoy the mindless reading of Cosmopolitan, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my classic literature. But I would rather the substance than the mindless crap they try to pass off as actual news.

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