Sleeping Makes Dreaming Look So Easy

I happened across something called “Hubpages”. It’s similar to blogging, only not quite. I signed up, as another way to put myself out there and try and make my dreams of writing come true. Every little bit of publicity helps this goal. I have no misconceptions that blogging or Hubpages will make me a fortune. I have no false hope that overnight I’ll be some undiscovered genius that bursts into the spotlight and make a fortune. I know it’s a slow process, and I’m willing to crawl with it.

With that said, the format here will become a little different. My original intention here was a blog about whatever I felt like writing about, mostly on something that happened in the news or in my life that I felt the need to make note of and rant about. It soon melded into a discussion on my beliefs on parenting and pregnancy, which made sense because that’s what goes on in my daily life. From now on, I’ll use my Hubpage to discuss this. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’ll be a commentary of parenting, pregnancy, and things of that nature. Here, I’ll go back to my original intention of my blog: current events and whatever else I feel like.

When I get my Hubpage up and running to my standards, I’ll link it here to share with you. I can only cross my fingers and hope that some day I can proudly say I did it. Until then, I can proudly state I’m trying. It takes a scared person to give up before they try, assuming the worst or just too afraid of failing or putting in the hard work to follow your dreams. It takes a special kind of stupidly brave person to say “screw it” and throw caution to the wind to try anyways. People judge you for silly dreams as much as they judge you for laziness. I don’t think it’s silly to have a dream, as long as that dream isn’t to sit around in your pajamas all day watching television and eating crap that will make you into a star on “My 600 lb. Life”. Spoiler alert: you get a 50/50 chance of not dying on that show.

Sometimes you just need to go for it, no matter how silly it seems. And I intend to.

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