And How Was I To Know?

First item of business is about Fridays. The past few Fridays I haven’t written my normal posts, and this week will probably be no exception. I haven’t been feeling in great shape and decided that I would take Fridays off. Next Friday, as long as I’m not in the hospital I will be up with another post about single parenting and teen pregnancy. Now today’s post.

I’m 37 weeks pregnant now (well tomorrow), and I’m already coaxing the little boy to come out. I told him not too soon though, he needed to wait until his grandparents and big brother returned from the beach. I told him Saturday morning would be perfect, so let’s see if I can convince him to get out. As excited as I am to meet him, I’m more excited to just not have him in me anymore. I’ve been over this pregnancy a few months ago, I don’t think any woman really enjoys the last trimester.

Today at my appointment, the normal dip test came back positive for something I didn’t understand. The important part is the doctor comes in and he asks me, “are you having cramping and peeing more?” My response? “I’m 9 months pregnant, of course I’m having cramping and peeing more. Isn’t that what happens?” He chuckled at me, acknowledging that I was right but that he thought I may have an infection. So I end up at the lab to again pee in a cup, which bothers me on so many levels especially since I’m absolutely terrible at this. (I don’t care if I hit a TMI moment, just saying.) Now I still wait to see the results, jumping every time my email alert pops up on my phone.

This moment brings me back to when I had my 3 hour glucose test done. I looked up the symptoms of gestational diabetes, and wondered “how am I supposed to know I need to worry about this, the symptoms are the same ones of just being pregnant.” In fact, most problems that are mostly minor have the same symptoms. Are you feeling tired, sore, increased appetite? Maybe you’re pregnant… but maybe you have ____. No wonder there are a lot of hypochondriac people out there, they read something about their symptoms and think they have cancer when they have the flu.

That makes me wonder though, if that’s what makes people who under react more susceptible to not treating infections soon enough or why they make you pee in a cup every prenatal appointment. I wouldn’t have thought there was anything wrong with me, I just assumed I was an uncomfortable pregnant woman with a bowling ball sitting on my bladder. This is why we keep up with our scheduled appointments and get checked out regularly. We’re not supposed to know, that’s what we overpay doctors for.

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