A Lesson All Men Should Learn

Recently I was at a BBQ with my friends and my husband. One friend asked me  how the pregnancy was going and I responded how well it was. I then began to mention about how awesome my husband was, how I hadn’t experienced insane mood swings, and I felt generally pretty good. In mentioning how awesome my husband was I noted that I could have a craving and before I could say I wanted it, I had it. My friend laughed and said “that’s called ‘preventative maintenance’. You stop the problem before it even starts.” He laughed mentioning if he knew then what he knew now.

That idea of preventative maintenance was hilarious to me. What am I, a car? When I stopped laughing at that idea, I realized that it’s true. Maybe that’s why my husband is a unique and incredible person that convinced me to marry him. I never had a moment of “oh I wish”, because before I could wish it I was given it. He knows something no other guy I have ever met knows: prevent the argument by figuring out exactly what she wants before saying it. It seems so simple, and yet so complicated. It’s almost ingenious. Is she feeling stressed? I know, I’ll do the dishes for her. Imagine how easier life would be with your partner if they figured out this secret to relationships!

I can’t help but to brag. It’s like when your children do something amazing and you just want to tell the world. I think men should take a lesson from him, and realize it’s easier to prevent the problem then buy flowers and jewelry after you screw up. Maybe you should think of us as cars that need regular maintenance to stay in happy condition. And if we’re happy, your life is a little less miserable. This goes double true for your pregnant wife, because we all know how insane things can get with hormones very quickly. Does this sound a little sexist? Probably, but just because it sounds sexist, doesn’t mean there’s no truth in anything I just said. Remember men, “preventative maintenance”. Maybe she’ll let you get that you’ve wanted.

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