A Wise Person Once Said….

To be completely honest, last week’s posts or lack thereof was a result of good old-fashioned writers block. If I have nothing interesting to say, why should I bother anyone who reads about it? That just makes me look more subpar than usual and makes you bored reading. I would argue that this same principle is the reason I’m a person of few words. That’s not it, I keep my comments mostly to myself for 2 reasons: 1) Most of the time, it’s a comment completely inappropriate or very offensive; 2)  I’m more of a silent observer sort. Sometimes it’s better to take everything in and not comment at your first instinct. This makes me a more informed commenter, and not one who speaks every bit of useless thought that comes to my head. A wise person once told me that.

That’s the theme of my blog today, if the title was too subtle. In 28 years, I have learned one most important lesson that will help anyone: I am not the smartest person in the world, and I don’t know everything. I accept advice and criticism; I’m so far from perfect and I like to learn from my mistakes. Thankfully, since I’m so far from perfect, I’ve made plenty of mistakes to learn from. My personal favorite? “No one is worth crying over if they won’t cry over you”. In every breakup or difficult moment in relationships, I put on Dashboard Confessional or Fall Out Boy (2nd CD) and consider that quote. In fact, I remember every quote of importance someone said to me, even if it’s a silly or sarcastic quote from a movie. Ask me my favorite sometime; you’ll be both repulsed and amused.

While that last bit of wisdom was my favorite, it’s not the one that I live by with the most relevance even to this day. In high school, I was told that “there was no such thing as overreaction; generally the first reaction is the appropriate one”. This was paraphrased of course, I can’t remember too much these days. Thankfully, even though I’m pregnant, I’ve retained most of my emotional sanity. That statement says a lot, considering I’m as emotionally inept as I am socially. Those words of wisdom are the sole reason I made it out of high school, and the reason I can remotely keep my cool when I really want to hit something. It brings me comfort.

The best thing about listening to sound advice is the wisdom you can pass down to you children. I can’t wait to reuse these and sound smarter than I am to my offspring. I’d like to ask that you disregard the obviously insult worth music I’ve listed, I like them and stand by them and I don’t care to hear your laughter. I also would like to ask you what your favorite bit of advice was.

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