Social Example in the Flaws of Voting

I’ll start this by pointing out since I couldn’t do my usual Monday, Wednesday, and Friday routine, I’m going for a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday one.  It happens to work out well though, since the People’s Choice Awards was yesterday and inspired me. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a good inspiration.

First I’d like to state that I’m a Glee fan, so this isn’t about whether they should’ve won any awards. I don’t really view Glee as a real comedy, when I think of real comedy shows on TV I think about Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, and Suburgatory. So when I witness Lea Michele (who I love, really I do) beating say, Kaley Cuoco for Best Comedic Actress, I was shocked. I let it slide, it can’t be that bad. Then I realized that I must’ve been watching the Teen Choice Awards, part 1, because those were the people who seemed to be voting. Really, Pretty Little Liars beating Game of Thrones? I died a lot on the inside over this.

Then it made me think about elections and politics, and this awards show epitomizes everything I hate about the electoral process. You don’t need to actually know anything to vote. You could just show up and pick any name and go with it. You could pick a candidate and not know anything about him, but you just kind of like how he looks or because that’s what your friend is voting for. I’d be perfectly happy if I had to take a test of basic knowledge to vote, I think it’s something to be considered. At this rate, Taylor Lautner will end up president because our culture is “Team Whateverfadexists”. If you’re wondering why I chose him and not that guy who plays Edwards, you really should do us a favor and stay away from the polls.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh, considering making people take a test to vote for their president because I lost hope in people’s decision making skills after watching the People’s Choice Awards. Maybe I should just suggest we do a questionnaire and they pick a president for us based on our ideals and choices. That’s more up the tech savvy laziness we’ve grown accustomed to. It’s a lot more fun than Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Mo.

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