That’s a Bandwagon Worth Hopping On

SOPA SOPA SOPA. This bill seems like something that is being quietly pushed through while many people are focusing on the upcoming elections. I understand the fact I’ll get those arguments of “well the Democrats pushed through the healthcare law the same way”. That’s ok, because I live in Massachusetts, we have it here already. My only argument really to fight those people is that “well you didn’t want the government to have too much power over you then, why do you allow it now”. The main difference is the amount of money they can probably pocket from the movie and recording industry in passing SOPA. Yay corrupt politics.

I don’t like the idea that this bill could hypothetically start a dictatorship-esque control over our internet content. I especially don’t like this idea as someone who writes my content, with the fear that I write one thing someone doesn’t like and I could get in legal trouble. This is mostly because it’s quite likely I have and will continue to post things that people don’t like. I’m sure if they really wanted to stop piracy as they claim they do, they can figure out a less Nazi like approach.

It makes my head spin, it really does. I’m starting to wonder what people are thinking. They preach in one breath on the podium how the government is getting too much power over us, but we can’t allow things like gay marriage or abortion. So, the government can control what we do with our bodies, but giving us healthcare to help people is bad? What about government control law enforcement and safety? Why do you want to control the internet if you have too much power over us? I think these are fair questions that the politicians really should be answering, instead of spending 80% of their time attacking their opponents.

We need to see how much control the people really have. We elect these politicians and they do whatever they want. Here are 2 petitions you can push through if you haven’t to help a cause and see how much say we really have. and the Official White House site has one you can get access to by clicking on the open petitions link.

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