Goodbye Flame Hair

I know I was all about change a few months ago when I impulsively went blonde. Ok, I’m still about change, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sit back and wonder what I was thinking. I tried something new that is a feat in itself since most people I know refuse to even try something that’s a minor tweak. Sure, I took this lesson of change a little too extreme but that’s me. I can go a little on the extreme side.

With that said, after months of staring in the mirror wondering what I did to myself, I went back to where I belong with lovely red hair. Sorry blonde, we weren’t meant to be. It’s silly to think that something so minor as a hair color could change my attitude and perspective on things. I hated the blonde hair but on my principle of “it just needs a few days”, I left it. I went out with a hat on, if you could even convince me to leave the house. Admittedly, I was over dramatic and extremely self-conscious of it. I refused to even take a picture of it for Facebook. Yep, I was that embarrassed.

Now that I’m back, I feel like myself again. It’s silly when you think about it, but really sometimes even the slightest change is something that can change your attitude. I felt off and out of sync. I never thought of stupid things like “that make up won’t look good on you now”. Really, why does whoever created women hate us? It’s not bad enough we have to get periods and go through the agony of childbirth, now we need to decide what make up and colors match our hair changing whims. I give you the finger, whoever you are.

Blondes, I’m sorry but you don’t have more fun. I think the gingers have it right. (Team Ginger?) We’re fiery and passionate people who just do what we want and don’t care. Go us. Also next time I get a crazy idea with my hair, I would really like it if someone stood up and called me an idiot for it and tell me no. Even though, I probably won’t listen and do it anyways.

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