The Closetted Gleek

The title says it all. Embarrassingly I am a huge fan of Glee, even more than that my husband also became a huge fan of it. I wonder if he likes it more than me though, so that makes me feel a little better about having this as a guilty pleasure. Emma’s my favorite though, she rocks. So I can dream that someone important reads this and gives her some more airtime.

Now that I’m done embarrassing myself over that, I present the point of this. Last night they had a Christmas special loaded with Christmas songs and Christmas cheesiness. We all know how much I absolutely adore Christmas songs. For the record, I did cover my head wishing the voices would stop singing carols in my head. What made me completely happy in the episode was that we learned important lessons, what it means to be Christmas. I reiterate my Thanksgiving post about how you should live every day thankful, but it was something different in this episode.

There was an argument about why should the Christmas special not have any sad songs in it. One side debated that it’s Christmas and it’s supposed to be happy, while the other argued that it’s not always a joyous occasion for people and as artists they’d be lying to portray otherwise. I understand the point, it’s not always sunshiney, but sometimes people look to specials and Christmas movies to have a moment of happiness they wish they had. It’s like a role model for them, to make them maybe feel like someday it could be better. I’m torn though; I also think I would like to see someone portray what Christmas is really like for some people.

In the end after all the cheesiness and geek nod to Star Wars, everyone came together to feed people at the soup kitchen. Even the ever greedy and selfish Rachel joined in the spirit and gave to charity at the end. It’s always good to see people not caring about the gift, but caring about the giving.

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