Family, Pt. 2 “Family Duty”

All joking aside from yesterday’s post, the main point I was trying to make was simple: no matter what, your family is yours. Sometimes you want to hit them, or close your eyes and pretend they aren’t there. Even still, you know when it comes down to it, you’ll help your family out anyway you can. That is the point of family.

I learned growing up that whatever happens you help your family out however you can. My father would always say “that’s what family is for. When everyone else seems to turn their backs on you, your family will be there by your side”. Despite normal sibling disputes, if you’re lucky to come from a good family, your siblings will always be there for you. I know that I can count on mine if I need something. Hopefully mine would do the same.

When it boils down to it, I can’t even count how often my parents or brothers have helped me out without judging whatever stupid mistake I’ve done. I can’t count how many times I roll my eyes and wonder what they were thinking, but I still stand by them. The best part about family is that you know that you’ll get an honest lecture about your mistakes, but it won’t be cruel and they’ll do what they can to make sure you make it out ok.

The same goes for your spouse’s family. When you said your vows, you also vowed to take in their family as yours. I love my in-laws as much as my blood. His family was mine, and I will stand by him and his family through whatever needs handling. My husband grew up with the same ideals, when your family needs help, you help them. That’s one main reason I married him. Family is the most important thing.

If nothing else, take away the idea that your family will support you the best they can. It’s always ok as long as you know you have the love and support of your family. No matter how strange or dysfunctional they are, somehow they make it work out well. That’s how it’s supposed work. Pride shouldn’t matter; they’ll help and not judge you or look down on you for it. In the end, you should know that they realize you would do the same for you. That’s the point of family. Even if they are a lovable bunch of crazies.

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