Another new blogger joining this overabundance of blogging sites, but what makes me different from the rest? Well, I suppose nothing really. Most are aspiring writers hoping to get out there and make a name, while others have a purpose or goal of informing the masses of readers on a specific topic. While I admit I have no specific aim of topics or goals, I will say that I will probably talk about whatever I feel like at the moment.

So with that, I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Brianne, an aspiring writer. I graduated college, with a B.A. in English, formerly a double major of English and Education. Long story short, I realized that being morally opposed to many things in the public schooling made it difficult to actually want to teach. Originally, I had intended becoming a teacher because they are some of the most influential people in a child or teen’s life. The thought of helping students the way I  as once was became an idea that made me smile. In the end I realized inspiring someone, anyone, was more important than how I did it.

Now, married and still a little idealistic, I was able to do something I loved: writing. My husband, the amazing person he is, made this possible for me. His sometimes grating goal of making me happy has really inspired to finally take this plunge into a world where everyone can see what I write, although any person who does art can tell you how terrifying it is. The idea that you can write something, then be mocked by every reader is like that dream we all had of public speaking with our teeth missing, or standing in front of your audience stark naked.

At least something I’ve always believed sticks here: you never know until you try. You can get scared, or even say “why bother” and not even try; but you’ll never know what you could’ve accomplished without at least taking the first dive into the water. If nothing else, you’ll have the attempt and the experience behind you. Besides, without trying something you’re terrified to do, how can you expect your children to try something new?

Most blogs have a goal, a promise to their readers of a specific topic they can count on. However, much like how I live my life, sticking to the same thing every day just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I like variety, that’s how I like my life. I love options so I can read a fantasy book one day or a classic the next. And honestly, I love my whims. I will promise an honest outlook on how I see things, which will probably be the basis of what you’ll read.

So this leads me here with my first post.

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