The Tax Bill to End All Tax Bills?

Last week, I was too busy tending to the sick and being sick to do anything of use here. Yesterday, when I would normally do the post, was pushed aside for personal reasons. So today you get a rare Wednesday post.

Before then, I would like to make a few announcements. One, there will be a slow expansion to the blog. I will be adding a “geek culture” page for posting where I will cover gaming news and other things related to this genre. I love my video games, board games, and hope to even discuss local events relating to this topic (even news about the Overwatch League including the Boston Uprising. Go Team). There will also be a section dedicated to television and movies, another area that I have been wanting to write about. This will all be in addition to this “Random Rantings” blog that I already have in place. Eventually I plan to go further and add an area where I discuss any arts and craft projects that I am doing at the time. I hope that next year I will have more time to dedicate to this, so we will see what happens. I’m crossing my fingers.

The second announcement is that starting next week, I will begin the grueling process of editing and adding to the NaNoWriMo novel. I’m pretty excited about this and I hope that I can get it done in time to enter the Kindle Scout Contest, where I can get my book published if I win. More crossing fingers.

Now to get onto the actual topic of today’s post: The tax bill. I like to do research on things. I really like to learn everything that I can about everything, though sometimes I just blank out in the process depending on the topic. I know how to do basic budgeting for my household, but aside from that I’m pretty useless in anything to do with numbers and economics. I know what I’ve been promised: Your life is going to be so much better with this new tax bill, you’ll see. Will I? I’m a skeptic by nature. Republican or Democrat, I would not just believe this because someone told me it. I need to see numbers.

I found numbers. Numbers say that I will see more money coming back in our paychecks. What does this mean for our deductions at the end of the year that help us build savings or play catch up with bills? Those are numbers that I would love. Because I can always pay off credit cards from during the year and have some extra to put into savings as the taxes are now. That is money that I (and a lot of other people) rely on. Maybe this will be offset by the additional 5% we will see in our paychecks. Maybe not. Only time will tell I suppose.

However, you should be worried about something bigger than this. Corporations get a permanent tax cut while the rest of us peasants only get a temporary one. This tax break for us will only last until 2026, unless they decide to extend the cuts. Will they? That depends on how much this bill actually costs the American people in the long run. If they decide that they are losing too much money off of this, then no. We get screwed over and the corporations get to laugh at us for being so stupid for being excited over the 5% we get back. Do you think that even the Democrats would roll back the corporate tax rate if they regain power? Probably not. They have donors that they need to worry about too.

They don’t care. No one cares about the people that they make promises to. The only good thing that could come out of this is maybe if they lack any money, they won’t be able to fight to take away a woman’s right to choose or a person’s right to marry. I hope that this helps us because rooting for failure only hurts us. I don’t want to see the president fail the country because we would suffer for those mistakes. But let’s not praise this bill for being the savior of the American people; it’s a boost for the whole 8 years that we definitely have it.


No Taxation Without.. Wait, What?

I tried to do my research before writing this post, but I’m not going to lie and say that reading financial laws and tax-exemption laws are interesting enough to make me want to know what I’m talking about. Then I figured, if news organizations can get away with rattling off misinformation under a guise of a mass amount of research, why can’t a blogger who admits not knowing what I’m talking about get away with it. I’m sure I have less of a following than the media does, and I get the bonus of honesty before spouting out opinions that may or may not be backed with actual facts.

The average person has to pay taxes, it’s how we pay our teachers and public service employees. Even celebrities get slammed for not paying taxes, and get hunted down for it. There are 2 certainties in the world: Death and Taxes. Without taxes, services we enjoy go away. I don’t mind paying a bit more in taxes if my children get a better education or I feel safer on the streets due to better trained police officers. I’ll even pay more for better and safer parks for my children to play at. Taxes are why we get these luxuries. I won’t get into a belief about wasted money on people taking advantage of a system meant to help people who are in need, this isn’t about that. This is about people paying taxes like people should pay.

The whole time I’m listening about the IRS breaking laws and discriminating against Conservative groups, I only had one thought in my mind: Why are they even qualified for tax exemption? I didn’t understand what made an organization tax exempt. I knew the Catholic Church was tax exempt, but I also knew the Catholic Church bought a Crystal Cathedral for nearly $60 million. It’s okay though, they saved up from not paying taxes. I wonder if the Catholic Church, which one could argue is probably one of the wealthiest organizations in the world. With food pantries and homeless shelters, I’m sure that $60 million they spent on the cathedral that they didn’t have to pay taxes on could surely actually help the poor. What type of overhead do they really have, I thought priests and nuns took a vow of poverty or humility. Upon further reading, I actually shocked myself by seeing the some professional sports agencies are also tax exempt. I wonder if I could apply for tax exemptions on the grounds that I just don’t want to pay taxes if these organizations don’t have to.

I get it, I’m a silly girl who knows nothing about economics and tax law. Understand, I don’t care what the laws are but I don’t need to know them to understand how screwed up entire system is. I don’t think political groups should be tax exempt. I don’t think a religious organization that is richer than most celebrities should be tax exempt. In fact, I’m not sure of many people I don’t believe should be taxed. If you make money, why shouldn’t you pay your share of taxes on it?