BluishOblivion’s Day on the Internet

I’ve had trouble finding inspiration for these posts recently, primarily because between my 2 jobs, my brain power is already stretched too thin. But I always find the best inspiration in my everyday life, so today I would like to talk to you about my day on the internet Sunday.

By the time this posts, it will be Tuesday. I’m writing this Sunday while the hilarious events of my weekend are still fresh in my mind. Because honestly, I’ll probably forget about it by tomorrow. It all started by my usual “Asshole Parking” posts that I do on my Facebook, which are the only public ones that I post. I keep those public because sometimes people like to share them. We all like to laugh at them. It’s fun. Then a family member invited me to join a group about “Masshole Parking”. I’m among my people now!

Except I apparently either A) didn’t fully understand the group or B) the person who’s car I posted in the picture was in the group because apparently it wasn’t as amusing to them when I posted Sunday’s edition of Asshole Parking. Honestly, it was my bad. I ended up deleting the post and leaving the group, primarily because as an adult, I don’t engage in arguments with people hiding behind a keyboard. With the time and effort that they put into trying to be “savage”, they obviously have their struggles so if they want to win the internet award in their mind today, let them have it. I barely care what people I know think about me; some rando on the internet certainly doesn’t impact my world.

So why am I posting about it? As a lesson to everyone on the internet. Why waste your effort to be cruel or to argue with someone on the internet? You don’t. You leave it alone and let them win because life’s too short to give a crap. It’s like that high school bully. They only act like that because of their own insecurities and need for superiority. My ego is fine. You want that win over me, have it. Sometimes stepping back is more powerful because you’re showing that you’re the bigger person. Except not really, because I’ve definitely considered using the illegally parked car picture as my post picture.

Halloween Costumes, and You

I know Halloween was last week, but I couldn’t ignore recent events. I enjoy offensive jokes. I enjoy edging that line that Paul and Storm mentioned about how comedy is staying on the right side of tasteful and wrong. I enjoy watching movies and laughing saying “oh my god, that was so wrong it was right”. Maybe my sense of humor is all sorts of wrong, but I’m okay with that. But I have lines and limits, and I’m not sure if it’s age or maturity or a sense of what’s morally right and wrong. Though, admittedly that knowing that I’m doing something wrong is different from ignoring that. “Jesus why did you give me a conscience if I can’t use it to influence my actions?” from The Minor Leagues, Good Boys.

It makes me wonder when people don’t understand a line. When you dress up as a Boston Marathon bomber, or you and a friend dress up as the Twin Towers on 9/11, what in your head says “hey, that’s a great idea!”. Then when people point out how this is in poor taste, they get attacked. They are being offended for the sake of other people. They have no right to be upset if you’re not personally touched by it. They have no right to feel that this is a wrong thing to do, and the world is just too sensitive these days. I admit the world is over sensitive. That I can agree with. But I don’t think this is the reason they are over sensitive. I think being upset about this is perfectly acceptable and understandable. I think that I wish those people that think it’s a hilarious idea have to deal with the tragedy in their own lives. I think I wish they had a friend running in a marathon and lose their limbs or life, so they can tell me if we’re being “over sensitive” about this. In fact, I think they would’ve had it coming, and I don’t think I would feel bad for them at all. Karma, sir, is a bitch.

My husband was on Reddit, when those exact arguments were made to his offense over the costumes. He was a nice person, he didn’t wish what I wished on the people defending this. He fed the trolls with his kindness and compassion, and since the internet is full of “tough guys” that are, in the real world, losers that may or may not be virgins that are bullied themselves. Penny Arcade came up with this internet law: .  This is 100% true. I believe Reddit exemplifies this. Internet forums are the true underbelly of our society these days. And if you think your costume is witty or ironic, you’re probably a hipster or someone so desperate for attention that you don’t care how you get it. And I would feel sorry for you, if I didn’t think you deserved everything that comes next. I do lack empathy for stupidity as much as I lack empathy for laziness.