When Hiring Your Commander in Chief

If you are going to be the boss, I think that you should have a general idea of the inner workings of the company you are in charge of. For instance, if you’ve never cooked or worked in a kitchen in any capacity, what makes you think that you can run a restaurant? That can only lead to disaster. Why should we hold the President of the United States to a lower standard than what we would expect in any other business? They need to be qualified.

My issue with past presidents include the simple fact that they never served any time in the military. Presidents Trump, Obama, and Clinton never served their country. Here are 3 people, two of which at least had experience with governing and that silly little paper known as “The Constitution”, but never had the experience of boot camp. They never had to sit in the desert, wondering if the enemy, a spider, or the heat was going to kill them. They were qualified for half of the job of President, not the whole thing.

But the President is our Commander in Chief, the head of our armed services. You want to put someone in there who has served his country proudly. Who will be less hesitant to “just send troops wherever” because they have been there. They know that strategically it may not be the best call. Because of experience. Experience in the military should be a minimum requirement of the President. The ideal candidate will have both legislative and military experience. Maybe if we expect more, we will stop settling for… well, you know.

I’m on the fence of requiring military service for all citizens, mostly because my “mom” fears overrule my logic here. But at a minimum, a person who hopes to be president some day should perform military duty. I’d trust my country’s military better in the hands of someone who has experienced what every other soldier has. I want a leader who is an excellent role model, who can empathize with the military and their families. This will give them more compassion when they are handling things like improving the VA programs. The President should be a proud veteran of the United States Armed Forces. In fact, maybe we should be sure to hire only people with experience for their roles. Maybe the Secretary of Education should have a degree and work experience in, oh I don’t know… education. Maybe the head of the intelligence community or the Secretary of Defense should be decorated individuals of their fields. I have this silly idea of hiring people for jobs who have at least some experience in what they are doing, not just because they had the money to win.

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