Overwatch League: Preview of Stage 3

Unfortunately, with Stage 3, we are one stage away from the Grand Finals. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to speculate about what to expect this stage, which starts tomorrow. While a lot of my focus is going to be on my team, the Boston Uprising, I will discuss my thoughts and theories on a few of the other teams as well.

The first team up will be the Vancouver Titans. Yes, I’m still actively rooting against them as I just have an issue with people who tend to be overly arrogant. (Bumper’s “I can beat any team with any hero” really, really rubbed me the wrong way.) It was easy for them to stomp all over teams with their early schedules. In fact, they haven’t even faced the NYXL in the regular season yet. Though, I’d be awful at this if I didn’t point out that in the Stage 2 playoffs, these hyped up teams did go against each other and the Titans walked away with a 4-1 win. I was excited to see the Shock beat them in the Stage 2 playoffs. First of all, the Shock seem like genuinely cool dudes. Secondly, because let’s face it everyone wants to see an undefeated team lose.

But how will the Titans handle this loss? Has it shaken their confidence? Will they be easier for teams to beat now that Shock has let everyone see their weaknesses? It’s hard to say. A lot of teams seem to struggle after getting taken down a peg, but the exceeding levels of confidence that the Titans have may compensate for this. They could be angry and out to reclaim the top spot. Only time will tell, though I hope that the crack has had a lasting effect on them as their schedule will be getting more difficult the next 2 stages.

The London Spitfire, my second favorite team, is also struggling. Despite being the Season 1 champions, they have had some difficulty finding their footing in this GOATs meta with any real consistency. I hope that they pick it up because they also seem like a cool group of players. They are a strong team, but they just need to find their way in this crazy meta. If a DPS comp becomes meta again, this is going to be a team to watch out for.

Lastly, my precious Uprising. Like many Boston teams, you get the highs and the lows with them. In Season 1, they defied all expectations and ended up in 3rd place overall. Not bad for a team everyone predicted would be in last place. Again, this year, the team was predicted to be one of the lowest ranked teams. Sure, a lot of this had to do with the team being pretty much gutted from last season. (NotE leaving still hurts.) Instead, they find themselves right at the 12th spot overall, which isn’t great but it isn’t completely terrible either.

Stage 3 was the turn around for them in Season 1. This year, I think if they really pull together, they could start turning this around. They are another team that is struggling with GOATs. There are a few reasons for that. One, Colourhex is not a great Zarya. I know. I say this every time that I post about the matches. I’m not sure if there are struggles with communication. I’m not sure if he’s just not in sync with Fusions like he needs to be as a Zarya player. It’s just not working. Put him on a DPS player, and he’s so impressive. Having him on Zarya? Not so great. Is this their only issue? No, but a team is only as strong as their Zarya player in this meta. Look at Sinatraa, who just melts other players while still being totally in sync with Super. There’s a reason why the San Francisco Shock are probably going to win it all, and it’s that tank duo of Super/Sinatraa. That’s also going to be the Boston Uprising’s downfall.

Overall, I predict that the Titans and Shock will end up facing off in the Stage 3 playoff finals again. And I predict the Shock will win it all again. Their only real competition would be the NYXL or Spitfire, if they could just come together and work out their issues.

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