The State of Today

Has their really been a more divisive time in American history than there is right now? The answer is “yes” and that time was the Civil War. Races are against races, religions are against religions. Political parties are a civil war amongst themselves. There does not seem to be any common ground anymore or even any compromises willing to be made. People are awful and hateful and this does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

The fact is that people don’t seem to care that they are worsening the situation. If you go to 4 different websites to see the statistics of racially motivated police shootings, you are going to see 4 different numbers. Everyone has something to gain on their side of the politics. What about the facts? I’m a person who enjoys facts. This is how I base my opinions. I want to know if there are a disproportionate amount of lethal police shootings towards minorities or if there are a lot of lethal shootings period. I want to know if it’s just that one group yells the loudest in outrage that makes it like it is an everyday occurrence. Because guess what? Now it is just about to get a whole lot worse.

The argument is that police officers are all racist and don’t think black lives matters. If that is a fact, than that is something that should outrage the masses. But what does shooting and killing innocent and caring police officers prove? That you are just as savage as these horrible corrupt police officers that you so choose to be against right now? You have turned a movement with reasonable issues that should be addressed and turned it into a terrorist organization that have made things worse for their cause. Now that a second group of police officers were plowed down by a person of a specific race and cause, the police officers are going to be even more on edge and this cycle will just keep continuing on with no end in sight.

There is a civil war brewing in America. It is the fault of people who dismiss that there are problems with race in America. It is the fault of people who look at all people who even seem to be Arab as if they are Muslim terrorists about to tear down America. It is the fault of any group that wants to put the lives of any citizens above the lives of others. What is the point of treating everyone equally and “everyone is the same on the inside” if we turn against anyone who isn’t like us? The lives of all kind human beings matter. There is racial inequality in America and that’s a fact. My youngest son has been called derogatory terms for Asian people. I have seen vandalism at establishments owned by Muslims because of their religion. Anyone who says that there isn’t a problem with race in America is blind or unwilling to admit the truth. This does not mean that innocent police officers need to be slaughtered in cold blood because that makes you no better than the struggles that you are fighting against. That is profiling. That is wrong. What happened in Dallas and Baton Rouge will happen again and that is sickening. We need to fight against this shedding of innocent blood because we should be better than this.

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