The Gay Agenda

I figured I would go with the “buzz word” of the time, because we all know gay people want to take over the world like the Muslims do. It will be a battle of which one will destroy America first. My money is on gay people. They are much more fierce and scary when they want to be. Trust, I would never cross any of my gay friends. Never. Ever.

Most of the introduction is entirely sarcasm, except for the not wanting to cross any of my gay friends out of their sheer fierceness. That is completely true. I want nothing to do with that wrath. More so, I am mocking the idea that gay couples wanting to get married is them trying to take over America and ruin us. Do I want to see a gay couple making out in public? Absolutely not. Before you label me as a homophobe, please read this next sentence: Nor do I want to see a straight couple going at it in public. I just don’t want to see anyone using the mall bench as a place for them to pretend it’s their mom’s couch. I want no part in that. Maybe I’m a prude. Probably. But my not wanting to see it does not mean that I think it’s any of my business what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom. If a person wants 6 bedmates at the same time while reenacting scenes from “50 Shades of Grey”, I don’t need to know nor do I think it’s anyone’s business but their own. Should there be a law against this too? I suppose in some people’s eyes, as long as the man parts stay with the woman parts as God intended, then they can do whatever they want.

With the recent discussion of the Supreme Court taking up the issue of whether or not banning gay marriage is constitutional, we can see a real change in our country. This is the same change interracial couples waited for, and now the times have changed. Because of this huge step in civil rights I am able to be married to my soul mate, who’s only crime back then would have been that his mother came from a country that wasn’t in Europe. This is the next phase of the civil rights movement, created so all people would have equal rights. I absolutely think they are going to say that it is unconstitutional. This will come at the dismay at religious zealots that feel that the bible versus are something you can pick and choose what you believe. If you are going to use the bible as your life’s laws, follow everything. Otherwise you are just a hypocrite that is spreading hate.

Over the weekend, I saw “The Imitation Game”. It was a fantastic movie, and Benedict Cumberbatch was fantastic in it. (Not that you would dare question his amazing talent… right?) I was expecting those far out there religious crazies to go off on this movie being another push for the gay agenda in America. I was shocked to see so many articles about how this movie was another ploy to further push the gay agenda in hopes to destroy America. I was even more shocked after watching the movie and saying to myself afterwards “what gay agenda?” They don’t emphasize that he is gay. They mention it maybe a few times in the movie, including that horrific ending. Not horrific as in graphic, but as in as a human being I found it morally horrific what happened to him especially after watching about all the good he accomplished. Just because he was gay, he was given a cocktail of medicine to chemically sterilize him as we would do with a pedophile just because he liked men. He wasn’t the only person to suffer as a result of this “indecency law”. I’m sure those who believe that this movie pushed a gay agenda would wish us to reinstate such a horrible law, but if that’s the case I think we should be able to lock up assholes and make them suffer horrible fates as a result of how they were born to be.

In fact, I think the movie could have done more. I understand that they wanted to focus more on his achievements rather than make the movie into a political statement. I’m actually okay with that because I don’t want to go into an overly political movie when I want to just watch something entertaining. But there was so many people who had suffered like he did, while others like Oscar Wilde decided to just go to jail. And a great man killed himself because of this cruel punishment. (Though some people speculate murder, I’m going to go with injecting cocktails of medicine into a person without knowing all the side effects probably does not help matters.) They could have at least given us the real ending instead of adding his death as a side note at the end of the movie. If nothing else, that could have made a difference but again I understand the need for the movie to be about his achievements and not his personal life.

The lessons of this post? What people do in their bedroom is not your business. Who consensual adults want to marry is not your business. Imprisoning people and doping them with medicine because they are homosexual is wrong. The Imitation Game is a great movie, and you should see it. Any comments? Feel free to share.

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