A Random Hodge Podge of the World Around Us

I had every intention of posting on Monday, but the hearing test was more important and then I had the big clean up after that surprising success of a birthday party, our first at the house. I would have posted pictures, but it’s hard to post pictures while managing a party and chasing a toddler. Still, it was awesome to show off our accomplishments and feel good that we did a great job putting everything together. Although it was cramped because the weather did not cooperate at all.

So today I am talking about random things in the political and otherwise world, some relevant, some not. Let’s get started.

  • The Massachusetts Gubernatorial race: I’ve put a lot of thought into this race, as I normally have. I don’t like Coakley for the job. I liked her at her old job, but I don’t like the idea of her running our state. (Shocker, I’m registered to a party and I like to actually vote for candidates and not letters next to their names.) Baker, is probably the way I’m going to go. Why? Because he’s staying out of marriage equality and is pro-choice. And because he has a plan to reform the welfare system that I so often comment on. The fact that he’s reinstating the “work for it” policy, he automatically gets my vote. I don’t care if you need help, as long as you’re not sitting on your ass just expecting free money. Why should I have to work for my income and you don’t? I don’t want hand outs, I was raised to work for my keep. And I raise my children that way. So what makes them so special that they get every bit of help while someone who works their butt off all day doesn’t get a cent? The reason they have to make that choice is because too many people want to sit around all day and the ones who are really out there trying get shafted. Let’s help the ones who want to work out, and stop encouraging the ones who don’t. It’s a sickening system when it favors people who don’t want to work versus those who are doing everything they can to make ends meet. I have more respect for the person who flips burgers until they can find something else than I do someone who just doesn’t give a crap.
  • The Company’s Insurance Plan Covering Birth Control and “Abortion Drugs”: I’m not an expert on the legalities here, but I do wonder something: if the company does not want to pay for women to have access to these medicines that are so offensive to them, what do they think happens to their tax payer dollars when someone on state funded insurance plans cover it. Technically, their money is still going to the same “loathsome and offensive” medicines. Does that mean funding is going to be cut so no one provides these medicines to women? Or are they just going to find a loophole to stop paying taxes as a result? Also, scientifically speaking, Plan-B does not stop a pregnancy. It prevents the egg from dropping to make sure that a pregnancy never occurs. Just because you believe it is an abortion pill, doesn’t mean that it is. I’ve known some guys that believed they were God, doesn’t mean they were.
  • Protest Zones: With the buffer law being ruled as unconstitutional, I keep wondering if I’m allowed to protest wherever I want just because it’s my constitutional right. Can I protest on my church’s front steps, declaring that the spaghetti monster is the greatest God ever? I’m sure I’d probably be arrest with disturbing the peace or something. Or how about on the sidewalk outside of my neighbor’s apartments to complain about how awful they are at dog ownership? Can I do that? So why can the pro-life protesters block traffic with graphic signs and protest wherever they want. I’m afraid to go to my son’s specialist next month because it’s next to a clinic and I don’t want to deal with making the choice of running an idiot over because they think I want to abort my 2-year-old child. And I certainly do not want him subjected to some of those posters they have up. (Do they really need to get that graphic? I thought religious people had morals?) It’s not like the buffer zone was far away from the spot they wanted to protest, it just blocked them from protesting in the parking lot or blocking the entrances. I thought where one’s rights began another one’s ended? I should have become a lawyer.

That concludes the speech for today. Thank you for reading

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