Why I Don’t Take Selfies (and other annoyances)

I need to get out of my stress and get away from the move or deadlines. Then I decided that today I would go someplace else. Pop culture and trends that annoy me would be a perfect place to start. I can’t stand most of these things I should be doing, as society wants me to. Let’s explore these annoyances together. And remember, I’m not anti-any of you, just the things you do.
1) The Selfie: I have never taken a selfie for the purpose of posting it across social media. I will not succumb to “duckface”. I know I’m decently attractive, I do not need to have a hundred or more people validate me and tell me they think I’m pretty. I don’t need the attention or the self-esteem boost. What I do need is to stop seeing it. And don’t say “but hot celebrities do it”. I don’t recall Chris Hemsworth doing one, and you’re nowhere near as hot as he is. (Side note: that’s a selfie I wouldn’t mind.) So let’s end this one.
2) Ugg Boots: Seriously, this trend hasn’t died yet? They are called “Ugg” because it’s short for “ugly”. These should never be worn again, especially not by anyone older than those dorm living college students that think wearing them with their sweatpants and pajamas tucked into them. And definitely not with skirts. You’re obviously not a hobo if you can afford them, stop trying to look like one. Though I must’ve missed why it is cool to look like a homeless person. For the record, I have seen homeless people that look better dressed than some of those Ugg people.
3) Leggings and you: Pregnant women are exempt from this one. I love wearing leggings. They’re comfy for working out. They’re comfy for work… if you work from home. They aren’t even that bad if you wear them with a nice tunic shirt that covers up on a quick shopping trip. What isn’t awesome is when I see people that wear them to job interviews or to school functions or even work parties where you are supposed to be wearing “business casual”. They are just a step up from pajamas, another article of clothing that wasn’t meant to be worn in public. And they look worse with Uggs. And on men.
4) The “Moobie” shirts: A “moobie” is a “man boobie” for those not in the know. The “moobie” shirts are those skin tight shirts that males wear because they think they are buff or sexy or whatever they are silly enough to think a shirt like that would convey. News flash: it makes you look like you have bigger boobs than me, and I’m no a-cup. Also, you look fat and not buff. Save the tight shirts for the ladies. And for that point, save the super skinny jeans to us too. The things those super slim jeans accentuate are the same things I don’t want to see.
What are some trends that really bother you? Feel free to share them.

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