Just Dive In

I’ve always said that “some times you have to just dive right in and hope you don’t drown”. That’s my way of saying that you just have to try and see what happens. This is the perfect way to assess my current life situation. It’s hard to assess things when life happens so quickly. But that’s how it goes. You can either be a spectator to your own life, or make the changes to grow and live it for yourself. I choose to run my own show.

This blog will take a bit of a different turn in the upcoming weeks. Sometimes I might discuss current events or politics, but the focus will shift as I embark on a new stage of my adult life: homeownership. We recently received preapproval, and this weekend will start the hunt for our new home. I’ll focus on the trials and tribulations of the process. I’m going in expecting heartache and stress. I already fell victim to 2 anxiety attacks and it’s only been a week.
I’d like to share this journey with my readers to help them through their experience, as well as the stress of moving and converting the “house” into a “home”. It’s an exciting and nerve testing time for my family and I can’t wait until it begins.

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