The Generation of Apathy

The Generation of Apathy, those are the now twenty-somethings and increasingly getting older. We’re the ones who don’t believe in our politicians or political process enough to vote, and the ones that believe that the only real news reporters on television are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. We’re the generation in between the ones that believe in partisanship… wait, I meant bi-partisanship. Now people are growing into a world where different news channels only focus on whatever political agenda they want, completely disregarding that so many people are fed up with being told what to think that they don’t trust anyone in politics or news.

All I ever hear are talking points. During the election, all I had to hear was how Ronald Reagan was the greatest president who had ever lived, and Romney was going to be our nation’s next Ronald Reagan. I don’t dispute whether or not he was a great president, though I believe he was as good as presidents can be. What I wonder is, if he was so great how come he wasn’t mentioned at all during the previous administrations during their crises. I didn’t hear about how he was Clinton’s moral opposite, or how he would’ve handled the start of the downfall of the economy at the end of Bush’s terms when bailouts started happening. I didn’t even hear about how awesome he was during Obama’s first term, until the election time came and it was “Reagan Time”. I wonder how many of those Hollywood Communists he nabbed we actually Communists. Do I mean this? Not really sure I don’t have the proper information on the validity of this point.

Now, it’s all about Nixon. Richard Nixon was a horrible person with scandals up the wazoo and Obama is the new Nixon. Every time they bring up any of the scandals, all you hear is Nixon. It’s now “Nixon Time”. Nixon was a smart man, but a corrupt and paranoid one. He is the Republican Obama. Or is Obama the Democratic Nixon? I don’t quite think they have that part of it worked out, but I’ll be sure to pay attention to see.  Obama is almost as bad as Nixon, they say. Worse then, Nixon never let people die. Nixon… Reagan… Nixon. They need to slow down, the way that people don’t know the difference between Chenya and the Czech Republic, I’d be concerned they’d mix up the two.

My point is I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being told what to think, and there should be more people upset by this. It isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue, it’s an American one. We need to actually be informed by our journalists, not made a part of a grand agenda saying one party is more corrupt than another. We need to be able to trust our politicians to do what’s right for us, their constituents, the ones who voted for them not filled their pockets with an obscene amount of money to push through whatever the highest bidder wants. They are the reason the Apathy Generation exists.

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