The Women in the News

Sometimes watching the news can absolutely sicken me. I often say that sometimes watching the news, I can’t help but to imitate my dogs in their confusion. How can people be so stupid, I sometimes say. How can something like that happen? I get a lot of mixed feelings about things I read. I can’t help it, no one can see everything in black and white. Well, most people can’t. Today, I dedicate this post to the women in the news and a female related issue, and as always, I acknowledge I’ll probably offend people or upset people.

I’ll start with the most recent article of news. Angelina Jolie has had a double mastectomy and is regarded as a hero. She is also in the process of removing her ovaries to also prevent getting cancer. Sure, she did a brave thing undergoing surgery to prevent a couple of types of cancer she has a gene mutation for. But how many of the “everywoman” can get tested for a gene to see if they’ll get a cancer? Then how many of them can also undergo an optional surgery for “just in case” measures? Not many. I don’t feel this need to congratulate her, and I’m probably the only one. She’s rich, she can do that sort of thing without worrying about how to pay for things and how much insurance covers. The normal, everyday woman can’t. They get cancer and have to deal with it. To me, those are the brave ones. These things don’t guarantee you’ll never get cancer, just that you’ll never get “those” types of cancer. She could end up with terminal brain cancer, or stomach cancer. I don’t disregard what she did; any type of surgery requires a great deal of strength. But I don’t think I would pin her up as more of a hero than a person who fights for their life because they aren’t fortunate enough to have the same hand dealt to them.

My next point involves Ariel Castro. I was reading an article where the attorney stated that “women unfairly judge my client as a monster”. I don’t think I’m being unfair in thinking a guy who so callously and aggressively abuses women in the manner he has. I don’t think a man who even slightly abuses a woman should even be considered a man nor should be deserving any of my time. A man like this is a monster. Chaining up women, assaulting them and torturing them in every way possible. Abuse so bad that the women miscarried the children that were created by his sexual assaulting them. Yeah, if that’s not a monster I don’t know what is. I don’t see how they can spin this to make it any more ridiculous than Jodi Arias stabbed her boyfriend nearly 30 times and slit his throat and shot him could consider it “self-defense”.  I can’t wait to see the defense on this, because I’m sure it’ll be comedic how creative they’ll need to be to make this man seem like anything less than a cruel beast. It must take a real “man” to beat up a woman, let alone 3 16-year-old girls chained up for 10 years.

My final note involves the idea of men in the military that watch over sexual assault cases. An Army sergeant, whose job is to oversee sexual assault crimes in the Army, is now being accused of…. you guessed it… sex crimes. Prostitution, to be specific. I know when I think of people I’d feel comfort watching over sexual assault cases, I want someone with ties to a prostitution ring in which he may or may not have sexually abused his prostitutes. I wish I was making any of this up, but I’m not. In fact, I don’t even know what I can say about this because it really says everything without me adding to it. Shame.

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