Modern Technology and Other Friday Craziness

The blog is late, I know. A power outage and a late night last night are my reasons for tardiness. So like a responsibly bad parent, I’m making use of my husband’s netbook and his work’s “mifi”, and posting while attending my son’s baseball practice. Hopefully, the rain holds off until I’m done, I’m sure he’ll be pissed if I ruin his work netbook for the selfish purpose of sharing my thoughts with you.

That’s the benefit of modern technology. I was unable to post earlier as a result of having any internet to function my blogging needs, and my phone’s app for posting is currently non-functioning. But thanks to a mobile hotspot, I can compensate for that instead of suffering through 9 and 10-year-olds whining about “is it my turn to bat yet?”. Except for my son, he just loves to play. Bless that angel of a boy.

Technology is amazing. My husband came across a Boston police scanner last night on his phone. He was determined to be able to here them “catch that S.O.B”, and used his wireless headset his awesome wife bought him for our anniversary to listen to it from his phone while doing the dishes. I laughed at him, asking if anything interesting happened. “No, they were just making fun of a Spanish-speaking person.”, he said. I went into the bedroom, and soon he bursts in. “An officer at MIT was shot.” 20 minutes later it was all over the news. I decided to try and go back to sleep, this week was stressful on all Americans and I didn’t think this had anything to do with the bombings. I soon learned that I was wrong.

While my husband sat up listening to the scanner, he burst in the room again as I was about to fall asleep in my denial. “Poop just hit the fan. There are machine guns and grenades. Poop just got real!” (Obviously, poop isn’t the word he used, but I try and to keep it as clean as possible here.) I didn’t believe him, but sure enough the news was 20 minutes behind again. I couldn’t sleep, and my husband stayed up all night obsessively waiting to hear that the suspects were caught and this was over.

One suspect was shot and killed. One suspect is doing what terrorists do, causing terror while we wait to see if he can get caught. The whole city is in lockdown, and the area surrounding it. Our sports teams were shut down, and people are stuck in their homes hoping the guy gets caught before he bangs on their doors. I have every faith he will be caught, in some form or another and will end up suffering for what he did in the end.

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