A Little Peevey

We all have those little things that bother us to no end, some more than others. I’m probably in the “some more than others” category. I don’t mean to be so critical, so easily bothered, so “OCD” if you will. I am, and I’m not a patient person though my children have taught me to at least be very patient with them. Over the weekend while at the mall, a person was walking in front of me with his pants hanging down a little off his hips. That’s annoying but I can get over that. However on the side of his sweatpants where his pockets are, his hands were down his pants as if his pockets were in his underwear and his pants were in the way. I ended up nearly leaving my husband and older son behind while I pushed the stroller faster to get past this terrible sight. I didn’t get it, do they make underwear with pockets now? Is it just cool to look absolutely-friggen-ridiculous  while out in public? Is underwear the real fashion statement that needed to be made but pesky rules requiring pants get in the way? All the words of mockery filled my head while my hands were shaking while I was biting my tongue. My health required that I passed him.

This made me think of all the things that really really just get my brain in “bite your tongue” mode. I figured I would share some of this list, and I’m very interested in what everyone else has to say.

1) We’re humans, not cows. I love cows. I think they are adorable, I really do. They’re kind of like kids, adorable no matter how bad they smell. But when they smell, you want to run far far away and admire from afar. What I don’t love is the sound of food being chewed in my ear. This is one of those things you have to deal with though, no matter how much it disgusts you or makes you want to claw out your eardrums.

2) Did you look in the mirror before leaving the house? Yes, this one is probably where my friend from the mall probably comes in. Wearing that flat brimmed hat, sweatpants that look like you could fit 3 people in while your underwear proudly stands out. It’s trashy when women flash their thongs, and it’s just as awful when men flash whatever they choose to wear. Especially considering most men can’t do their own laundry. (Trashy and gross?) It’s more than that. It’s People of Wal-Mart style attire. It’s when you’re wearing jeans and those toe shoes or when you’re morbidly obese and thing a sports bra and spandex is a fantastic wardrobe choice. I’m not fashion maven, but it makes me die on the inside almost as much as I’d die on the outside if I didn’t keep my mouth shut.

3) You’ve got a little something there. That stray hair on your shirt, that food in your flavor saver? Oh and that stuff on your teeth? I stare at it, and can’t concentrate on anything else. Really, if I’m staring intently at you, it’s probably more this than interest in what you’re saying. (Though don’t discount my interest, if I’m paying attention to you then it’s good. I can’t fake interest.) This isn’t your fault, this is mine. I fixate on things that are out of place. I still count it as a peeve though, since I get obsessive and unable to focus on anything else because it honestly does consume me.

That is my Top 3 “Peeve” list. I’m admittedly very neurotic, and I think I’ve easily proven that and that there’s a fine line they make me toe of “being a bitch”. I’d also like to brag that I’m getting better at typing with an infant on my lap, even though it makes typing much slower. I’d also like to remind readers I have a short story-esque released on the Kindle store for $0.99 and the link is on the sidebar. (Shameless self promotion.)

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