I’m Not Proud To Be An American

The sad part of my title is that some radical people will read this because they will think I mean this because of who won our election. I can assure you that you should stop reading now if that’s what you think. This post will have nothing to do with who won the election, but more the attitudes that came about afterwards. It’s what happened afterwards that frankly sickened me, and made me lose faith in our country’s people and made me think about how I’m not proud of what I saw.

For example, I voted for Scott Brown despite the fact that people think because I’m a Democrat I should only vote that way. Most of my friends that admitted their vote voted for Elizabeth Warren. It never once crossed my mind that their vote should affect my friendship with them. They were still my friends, and I still love them dearly. I didn’t immediately insult them for disagreeing with me, I didn’t automatically defriend them on Facebook because they didn’t believe as I did. I acknowledge that as an American, it was our right to vote how we did without fear of how people will treat us after.

Elections seem to bring out the worst in people. I even wonder if the election didn’t just allow us to see people for who they truly were. It sickened me reading the social media and seeing the hate that both sides spewed. This intolerance for people exercising their rights was disgusting. I wondered where America went so wrong that because you checked off the wrong person’s name on the ballot, people were able to call you appalling things. You are not an idiot for whoever you voted for as long as you made an informed decision based on your beliefs. You are an idiot, the kinder of words I have for you, if you feel that your vote was better than another persons because you didn’t agree with them.

I’m not sure if there’s anyone to blame for this. All the major new channels obviously backed candidates and I think are the main cause of this. They spewed nothing but hate for either side of the alley. MSNBC never once mentioned that Romney could be a great president and why he would be. Fox News never once said anything positive about Obama and some even shunned Republicans who had. I don’t think politicians are entirely to blame for this; it’s hard to work across the aisle when you have people watching you to hate you if you do. The downward spiral is this.

This makes me think there’s a new sort of hatred in America that might even be worse than racism or homophobia. It scares me that we might be coming to a point where you won’t get hired for a job, not because of your race, gender or sexual orientation but for the way you’re registered to vote. It makes me sick to think that people might disown their family members because they voted for Romney/Obama. I think more people need to be outraged about how we’re treating each other than who won the election, because we should be ashamed of ourselves for behaving this way. This isn’t what America is, this is what those countries we look down on because they don’t have a democracy.

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