Happy Fireworks and BBQ Day!

Today is the Fourth of July, the American independence day where we fought for our freedom from scary old England. Look at Kate Middleton and see how intimidating she looks. I wouldn’t want to see her red-coated self against us though I bet it might be a Burberry red trench coat. (You might be surprised I pulled that out of my butt, I assure you I Googled it to make sure it existed first. Exit surprise mode.) We did it though, us under-dogged Americans showed our tea drinking enemies how we do this war thing and we celebrate this day every year as a result. We celebrate it with our Asian fireworks and foreign booze, because what better way to celebrate American independence then by showing what a melting pot of everything we are. Go us.

To clarify, I’m not mocking the holiday or what it stands for and this sarcasm was more for humorous purposes than an underlying agenda of “America sucks”. I don’t have an underlying agenda of “American sucks”, because even on our worst days we are still better off than most countries on their best days. That counts for something, and though we’d be lying to ourselves that we don’t need to improve anything, we have a lot we can be thankful for living here. Plus what other country has the useless politicians that are easy fodder for comedians? We’re blessed I tell you.

I think that while we celebrate our original fight for independence from England in true American form, we shouldn’t forget one fact: the reason we can still celebrate our independence is because we have people who still fight to make sure we keep it. It’s not just soldiers fighting overseas to keep us safe, it’s activists that continue to fight for ideals they believe in whether we agree with them or not. It’s those people who stand up for what they believe in and refuse to back down. It’s educators that teach our children how to think on their own and giving them the tools to succeed out in the real world. It’s also us parents that tries their best to make sure their children become moral and useful people in society. We need to be grateful to these people, we need to be grateful to ourselves. The reason we can still celebrate our independence is because we still stand up for it, and it would be a shame if we forgot that while we drink by bonfires and watch fireworks in the sky.

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