Fairy Tales

One night as we were winding down and talking, I went on a random rant of the day to my husband. His response was “I’m glad we’re not having a daughter.” We both laughed, I’m sure the world isn’t ready for another me and he agreed. My point was a simple comment in response to an episode of Game Of Thrones where Arya told Tywin, “Well most girls are stupid”. I, being the feminist I am, fully agreed with her little statement. Most girls are idiots and I, the pessimist over-thinker I am, figured it out. I figured out why they like boys who mistreat them and waste their time. The answer was simple really: fairy tales. I never cared much for them, but most girls are raised with them as lovely nighttime stories. Let’s be honest here, that’s where parents years and years before us have screwed up my gender. This is why my husband is thankful we’re not having a girl. Next time though, I think the world needs another me.

He thinks I over-think it, I think he’s just a silly boy sometimes. Let’s look at the facts here, and you decide. First, we have the poor but beautiful Cinderella who gets help from a fairy godmother to meet Prince Charming and get married. However, he doesn’t recognize her without seeing if a shoe fits? Really, he couldn’t be bothered to actually remembered what she looked like and if he had come across the Evil Queen herself and the shoe fit, we’d be looking at a completely different story. From that, little girls learn that all that matters is he found her based on a probable foot fetish and it didn’t matter who she was. Also a guy would never just look for a girl based on a shoe, he’d just find another girl because it’s easier.

Then we have Little Red Riding Hood. It starts off innocent enough, a girl wants to give her sick grandmother some food. But why would she get there and not be able to tell her grandmother was actually a wolf, not a human. Is a girl supposed to learn you don’t need to be intelligent, just cute? If you can’t tell that a human is actually an animal than I think you deserve the title of an idiot because, well, if I need to finish that idea than I’m worse off than I thought. The distressed damsel thing bothers me, too. Sure she was a girl against a wolf and needed help but maybe she wouldn’t have gotten there in the first place if she ran when she saw a wolf wanting to bite her head off in the first place. Screw that “My what big eyes you have” comments.

I’m sure if I wanted to I could come up with several more examples of this. I don’t want to read my daughter any feminist manifesto telling her she doesn’t need to wear a bra or shave her legs to get respect in the world. I want a good literature role model for her. We have Bella from Twilight that really just wants to marry a vampire and become one, which passes a message that girls just want to get married and suck the blood of their husbands or wallets depending on your interpretation. Luckily, we have Katniss from the Hunger Games who doesn’t consider love or marriage and kicks a ton of butt. We need more role models like that for our girls not ones that teach them that marriage and playing a brainless wife is what love is about. That’s how girls grow up to be idiots.

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