The Lies They Tell

As I put on my new maternity clothes, finally accepting the fact that you actually get bigger while pregnant, I commented the evil comment all women blurt out. I said “I look fat in this.” “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful and pregnant”, my husband responded with a kiss. It was that moment I realized something I hope all women realize: of course they lie to us, they don’t want the evil wrath of an angry woman. I don’t understand why we get mad for lying about the silly things to make us feel better, and mad if they don’t lie. Poor men can’t win.

I don’t mind if he lies about the silly things, I appreciate hearing the lies of “the most beautiful girl ever” and the like. I don’t like the “do I look fat in that?” lie, I don’t want to go out looking fat and stupid. Luckily, he tells me the truth and it works out well. If you want to go out looking terrible because you’d rather be lied to, have fun with that.

The real point is, we love our partners because they are willing to lie to us about certain things so we don’t feel down about ourselves. We want certain lies to make us feel good about ourselves, and we shouldn’t get mad at them that they love us enough to lie. Sure, he’s right that I’m not fat and it’s just a baby, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet that he’s willing to say that. Even though, let’s face it, I really do look fat. (You have to love that awkward stage where you look fat, not pregnant. I’m definitely going to mess with people.) I feel sorry for those men who can’t win that fight. Appreciate them for being willing to bite their tongue, because we all know sometimes it’s hard for them to be quiet when they should. Maybe, you can turn and lie to them and see how they feel about it. “What bald spot, sweetheart?”

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