My New Nemesis

At a point in a parent’s life, you come across a decision that makes you question your life as a person responsible for another life. They tell you to learn to pick your battles wisely. How do you know if the battles you let slide should be the ones you fight? It all starts with one decision that leads your child down a slippery path or a path of triumph. It is with my hands in my hair, that this time has come for me. I wonder if I should’ve fought a little harder to avoid it, but here I am today.

The nemesis: Skinny jeans. I cringe every time I’m at the store with him, and that’s what he likes. I want to tell him “no way in hell”, but I nod faking any excitement he sees. The most important thing to me is allow freedom to make decisions like wardrobe, and every trip to the store I wonder if I should fight him on the point. I suppose the problem could be a lot worse, he could prefer to only wear the same pair of black jeans every day with a dirty shirt. I should consider myself lucky that he prefers to be a fashion plate to being a “dirty looking scrubby boy”. Skinny jeans should be reserved for hipsters or girls, not for my little angel. No, this is what I face.

That was a battle I chose to back off from, there are things in his future I’m sure I’d rather waste my breath on than whether or not boys should wear skinny jeans. This doesn’t make me feel any less dirty buying them for him. I should start a group for “Say No to Skinny Jeans”, change the world one pair of pants at a time.

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