Yesterday was my birthday, and what a present to have Peter Dinklage win a well deserve Golden Globe. I enjoy watching an awards show when the underdog wins it. Plus, being a huge fan of the book and television series, I couldn’t be happier. Maybe next year Emilia Clarke will get at least a nomination, Team Dany anyone?

It wouldn’t be a very good award centered post though, without acknowledging a rare person who deserves an award: my lovely husband. Generally it seems I spend more time laughing it up about how silly he is sometimes, but the truth of the matter is he’s a rare person for our generation. I think he was born in the wrong era, but I appreciate that fact more every day. I don’t know very many, if any people, in my generation that feels strongly about certain traditions. I mock his love of traditions, but he sticks to them and I can’t wait to see if those ideals rub off on our children.

Before proposing to me, he did something that I didn’t think people even did anymore: he asked my father’s permission. This same situation occurred when we discovered we were expecting, it was him who needed to announce it. In defense of my laughing at him, he stated “that’s what men are supposed to do.” Supposed to take claim of me, I asked? “No, show respect for her family because that’s how she knows that he respects her.” He stands by this affirmation, and I find it incredibly endearing, though I admit that until now I found it outdated. You learn to appreciate chivalry once you’ve finally met someone practices it. Unfortunately for our future daughter if we’re lucky enough, he’ll probably expect that from her future husband. That is of course, assuming he doesn’t scare off any potential suitor with a gun.

As a result of this, I feel he’s one of the few “men” of our age group. Marriage and conceiving children doesn’t need a “man” to do it, a man is the one who stands up and does what he needs to do. That’s why I think my husband should win an award for “Outstanding Man of the Year, under 30”. Did I mention he acts like this and he’s only 26? Yeah, I know I’m impressed too. That’s why I married him.

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