Dear Nyquil

I hate colds. I would take a bad flu over a cold any day. First of all when you have a flu, you can basically just vomit and your good to go until you have to again. Secondly, when you have a cold, no matter how crappy you feel you’re still expected to suck it up.
I love my phone because the last thing I really feel like doing right now is leaving my bed. Lucky for me, I can still pretend I’m a capable writer, while I’m cuddled in my bed nicely surrounded by kleenex and empty kleenex boxes.
One of the worst things about a cold is that you’re in trouble with or without medicine. You can’t function without breathing well or that stupid dizzying headache you have that feels like you’ve been punched in the face. Then, you take dayquil thinking it’ll solve your problems. Yeah, it solves your problems like getting drunk at a bar does. Instead of fixing you, you’re laid out in bed until your next dose. You pretty much spend the entire day in what I call the “Nyquil coma”.
So, I hate colds. I also hate cold medicine. If you cold medicine companies are listening, I’d like a cold medicine that doesn’t taste horrendous and allows me to function properly. Thanks cold medicine companies!

One thought on “Dear Nyquil

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