I Did It All For the Insurance

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary. We’re not very interesting people collectively; our celebration involved watching the Patriots game together. I joke with everyone that I only married him for the insurance, saving $500 was a worthy reason, no? That’s not it though, I’m certain he’d be stuck with me forever either way. I needed a logical reason to get married; I don’t buy into romantic ideals. When marriage became a thing of humanity, it was a business transaction. A man buys a daughter from her father, she becomes his property and that is a marriage. With pre-nuptial agreements, that’s further proof that today marriage is still little more than a simple business transaction. Plus, what makes me so special that I can get marriage and a gay couple can’t? Not only do we need a piece of paper to express love, in most places only straight people can get it.

I don’t believe in marriage. For as long as I can remember I didn’t believe in marriage. I need a piece of paper to tell me I’ve dedicated my life to someone? I didn’t understand it; I still don’t if we’re being honest. I find the ritual and yes I mean ritual is tedious. So not only do I need a piece of paper to tell me I’m in love with someone, I need to spend an obscene amount of money to do it in front of hundreds of people? I think I’ll pass. I was never the little girl who dressed her dolls and planned her wedding since the day she was born. I was lucky I planned one when I actually needed to.

Then at some point I realized that this wedding business has nothing to do with me, or my husband for that matter. Our families, well more specifically my mother, needed it. It was a way to show off how wonderful their children grew up to be. I paraded around in a dress to prove a point that love is in the air, and I grew into a beautiful adult. Our big family with a handful of friends got together to celebrate whatever it means to celebrate a wedding, though it probably just means to get dressed up and eat fancy food and getting drunk. Yes, that’s a way we celebrate romance.

I don’t regret it; I gained a wonderful addition to my family. We couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Every day is a fantastic one, and it’s because I have my boys in my life. It doesn’t matter that I still don’t understand why people get married, and that I’m still morally opposed to marriage. I couldn’t have given up my morals to a better person. I love that our wedding wasn’t boring, especially having a fire alarm stall it. I’d also like to thank the Holyoke Fire Department for not complaining for taking my picture in front of your truck, you rock. I married someone who understands I don’t have a romantic view on life and someone who balances me out. Everyone should be that lucky, no matter who you love.

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