How Christmas Ruined Halloween.

On our way to Great Barrington, I joked with my husband how one side of the road was snow, and the other was fall. He commented back something about Jack Skeleton and we laughed. We went to our favorite getaway, celebrating our anniversary early to avoid the uncertainty of snow in November. We seemingly forgot that we lived in New England. I knew I just got lucky with a 60 degrees wedding day surrounded by beautiful foliage.
The next day snowed. Not a wimpy storm, a storm. In October, I looked outside staring at 2ft of snow. The mountain town wasn’t destroyed, it was nothing to them. I assumed that when I arrived home, if they had 2ft and we only had 8in, it’d be just as inconsequential to us. I was wrong, so very wrong.
We have no internet. (I love my phone.) The good majority of my area has no power. We have no internet, which means no minecraft or WoW or any other amusement I have. (My phone has a minecraft app. Did I mention I love my phone?)
The worst part is how this storm has ruined Halloween, the one holiday I actually like. Trick-or-treating postponed? The horror! You don’t see them ever cancelling Santa. Screw Santa, I want to walk around spooky haunted houses, seeing everyone dressed up and running on a sugar high.
I understand the dangers with the downed powerlines and no power. I would be lying if I said that this doesn’t bother me, especially since we hand made a costume this year for the little one to enjoy. (Minecraft Creeper, can you see what game we enjoy yet?) The excitement of school cancellation gets diminished by the thought of not being able to experience the holiday as intended. Just eating the candy isn’t as fun as the work getting it.
End note: As a result of the storm, this is posted on my phone. Apologies for any errors.

2 thoughts on “How Christmas Ruined Halloween.

  1. It was a dark and stormy night……storm? sounds like Halloween….


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