A New Day, a New Expansion: Part 2

Yesterday went better than expected. Despite spending an hour trying to locate my current favorite quest in game (which was hotfixed during one of the few disconnects), the whole process went a lot smoother than I would have expected. Sure, there were some annoying bugs and getting booted offline 3 times in 4 hours. But it was playable, and that’s really more than WoW fans have come to know with this company. Their hamsters were spinning the wheels just fine last night. There were a lot of complaints, but honestly, has an xpac launch ever gone as smooth as this one?

Prior to the expansion, my guildmates asked me which zone they should be questing in. Of course if you have kept up with my blog on this, Drustvar got my vote. So far on live, it is just as amazing as it was on Beta and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. The zone has this creepy Victorian vibe to it, probably what makes me love the zone the most. I think that the storyline is cohesive and immersive. Plus, a good portion of the zone reminds me of fall. I’m a New Englander that loves her fall.

My leveling plan is as followed: finish Drustvar, then do 2 war campaigns worth of quests. Then Tiragarde Sound, to see what they’ve added since Beta. I want to see the Jaina storyline play out. Stormsong is a pretty zone, but it wasn’t very interesting so that’s a last resort questing zone for me. Hopefully there are some great changes to make these zones better, but honestly I don’t have a lot of hope for that.

Today is a new day in the xpac. We’ll see what bugs await us and maybe get some instances in to try them out. My toon needs to get levelled quick so I can get back to my Overwatch Event. I say Blizzard should have waited until September to launch, that way us mega-fans of both games could enjoy the Summer Games before worrying about speed leveling through new content. Just a thought for next time.


My Adventures on Monster Hunter

Normally today I would do a recap of Overwatch League or discuss something Overwatch League related. Today, a non-Blizzard game related topic seemed like something new to address. I’m not a big console person. I enjoy playing some games on the Switch, love playing the classic SNES, and definitely loved playing my DS. In fact, the only console games I really enjoy are Nintendo games. Primarily, I’m a PC gamer. Anything Sims related (Sims 4 was such a let down but the new mobile app is pretty entertaining), TF2, most Blizzard games, things like that.

My husband is primarily a PC gamer as well, but sometimes gets spurts where he is obsessed over certain PS4 games. Our oldest started playing Monster Hunter: World, a game he had wanted to play. So he naturally bought it for his PS4 pro. He has played this thing pretty religiously since, constantly saying the phrase “You really need to try this, I think you’ll love it”. Finally, he came out with “Monster Hunter: World was ranked the best game for couples to play.”

Finally the other day, I gave in. I was avoiding Overwatch Competitive because I was feeling insecure about my skill after a bad match where my D.Va was blamed for the loss of the match though looking back it wasn’t the case at all. I didn’t really feel like leveling today. I just finished working out and showering and wanted to relax on the couch before the kids came home. There was nothing on TV and the only things on the DVR were shows I needed to save for the husband to watch with me. I decided, “why not?” though I dreaded if I actually enjoyed the game I would have to listen to “told you! What do you think? Tell me everything!”

A good portion of my first day of playing consisted of creating my character and her Palico. At first I’m already annoyed that there is no dog option for those of us who may not be big fans of cats. Still, I style the Palico after our own Lady Sylvanas (my oldest son’s beloved cat who thinks she’s a dog) because why not? Then I get into the game. Graphics are nice and the game has a good aesthetic appeal to it. I get to choose my weapon and as a person who has problems with melee, I started off with a bow. I got a few quests in before I didn’t get a chance to get back to it.

Early observations? I hate having to move the camera around in this game. I always lost track of what I was attacking and it was generally annoying because I was dying as a result. Console games suck. I never have this problem on my PC. The game would be infinitely more entertaining if this wasn’t an issue anymore. I also don’t like feeling like I’m forced into doing quests with randos on the internet. It’s one thing when playing a team FPS but not when you are playing an RPG. I’ll still play it and maybe there will be some nice changes when the update hits in a few days. Otherwise, I may not fully enjoy the game until the PC release which is not really expected until fall.

I can be okay with that. Until then, I’ll try to get further in the game on the console and continue to wait patiently until Frostpunk gets its release. I have only been dying for that game since I first saw it. As a fan of the Victorian era, I have a soft spot for steampunk and I already professed my love of Sims. I will certainly talk about it when I get it.

Until then, this week the final week of Stage 2 of the Overwatch League. Uprising has been doing very well and I hope they keep it up. They may not be able to make the finals in this stage, but the overall playoffs are still obtainable for them especially with their amazing play against the Valiant. Keep up the good work guys and it was so good to have Gamsu back.