You Just Need to Step In Line

I never understood the need for stepping in line or blind loyalty. My most treasured friends aren’t the ones who just back me up; they are the ones that question me. They don’t just tell me I’m right because they think that’s what being a good friend is. They tell me the truth because they know that’s what being a friend is. My friends don’t just step in line and nor do I.

That’s what makes this whole thing with Liz Cheney so amazing and appalling to me. Do I agree with her politics? Not usually. Do I think that she should be punished for not bowing down? No. This is freaking America. The land of the “free”. A good politician doesn’t bow down to the president (or former) because of their standing in the party. A good politician questions the things that they don’t support. They are supposed to challenge the president. They are supposed to challenge each other. Politics shouldn’t be about stepping in line and following the “Supreme Leader”… because this is America, not an absolute monarchy or dictatorship. I would have more trust in a politician that questions their party’s leader than I would one that just bows down and kisses the ring.

This is why our country is in such trouble right now. Both sides have their blind loyalists that refuse to see what’s really going on. They don’t care that they are further isolating the Independents, the ones who actually think freely, because those are wild cards. Instead, they decide to focus their efforts on brainwashing the ones that they can into blind loyalty and enjoying that rabid base of followers. It’s been effective so far because no one seems to care that this is going on. They just eat the pebbles of food offered by “their party” and think that they are perfection and the answer to all of our problems. But they’re not the answer. Because they don’t want to be the answer. Being the answer is not quite as profitable.

A point that I keep mentioning is this: they don’t care about you. Why blindly follow a political group that would so quickly sell you out to their donors? That’s why I don’t follow a political party. They just want their cushy no term limits jobs where they can just make a fortune and do nothing all day but bicker about how the other party is the party of obstructionists. And that’s what they get paid for. Not to do their jobs and make the lives of the American people who put their trust them better.

Stop stepping in line. Stop blindly following political parties and politicians that actually don’t care about you. They want the power and money, not to improve your lives. Start fighting for things like making them work for the minimum wage that they want us to work for. Fight for term limits. Hell, I’d say even get rid of the 2-party system. Because what we have right now just isn’t working.

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