Why GameStop, Why?!

I’m a gamer. My son and husband are too. Needless to say, we buy a new videogame at least every few weeks. These purchases are mostly from Steam, but Steam doesn’t sell console games so we do eventually end up at GameStop since it’s right down the street. This is always an agonizing trip for me. Not only is there always an obscenely long line with people working that act like we inconvenience them for us wanting to purchase a game at their store. Oh no, I expect you to work since I pay your company an obscene amount of money for a game. It’s not bad enough I always end up in line behind two overweight people who obviously don’t know what deodorant is. It’s not bad enough that you would rather sit around doing nothing instead of dealing with customers. I’m sorry you have a job and people expect you to do it.

My gripe isn’t just with the very poor customer service you often get in those stores. The other issue is their love of “preorders”. I’m sorry, I didn’t preorder that game since if I felt like driving an extra 10 minutes I could just go to Best Buy and get the game I want because they actually care enough about getting money that they get extras for those who don’t feel like preordering a game. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was more than one person working at a store and you didn’t have to wait 20 minutes in line behind a guy that smelled like his last shower was 2 years ago only to be told “sorry, preorders only”. I quit, and I refuse to go back and I wish more people would do the same because too many companies think they can treat customers however they want.

Maybe I’m spoiled by Steam and Origin. (Also, a big “screw you” to GameStop, turns out I could just buy the game on the DS with Nintendo points and instantly download it.) I hope this becomes as popular on consoles so we never have to suffer midnight releases or rude customer service or disgustingly smelling clientele. You would think with a business model that’s dying, they’d fight a little harder for their customers. Instead, they can act how they want. I’m going to only buy my games in the comforts of my home in my pajamas and wake up to a predownloaded game instead of worrying about running out to get it. I’d like to thank Steam for making this possible for us and really loving us gamers. /endGameStopsucksrant.

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